Reservoir Dogs is an amazing crime movie

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is an amazing crime movie about a masterminded jewelry robbery going wrong and the gang starts to suspect each other for being a police informant.

At the beginning of the Reservoir Dogs movie, audiences can see the tension inside the gang before their job. The tension is smoothly reveal through details. Despite the gangs seems to be relaxing over lunch, their disagreement rise. One of them, Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), annoys the rest with his differences in opinion and language which seems to disgust others.

Reservoir Dogs

It’s logically for their disagreement since they’re group of thieves that don’t know others chosen by a tough old mob Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney). The setting is brilliant, it’s a hint that the heist will not happen smoothly and the movie will be filled with lots of tension and conflict. When the heist is on its way, and the gang is confident that it’s going to be a success, polices sabotage and kill 2 of them, Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown, in a gun fight. Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) the got shot by a lady when try to get her car to flee. With the help from Mr. White (Harvey Keitel), Mr. Orange gets to their rendezvous point – an abandon warehouse. They meet up with Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr.Blonde (Michael Madsen), Joe and Eddie Cabot (Chris Penn); Mr. Pink’s confident that they are tipped off but don’t know who. Since, suspicion rises between each of them.

Reservoir Dogs full movie  is immensely complicated in its structure. Tarantino uses chapter headings, e.g. “Mr. Blonde,” “Mr. Orange,” etc., to introduce the flashbacks, which burden the film with literary affectations it doesn’t need. Yet the flashbacks themselves never have the effect of interrupting the flow of the action. Tarantino not only can write superb dialogue, but he also has a firm grasp of narrative construction. The audience learns the identity of the squealer about mid-way through, but the effect still increases tension rather than diminish it. The story is told with a fast pace throughout the movie with complete confidence toward a climax. It’s a seriously wild ending; and though far from upbeat, it’s satisfied.

Reservoir Dogs full movie is skeptically contemporary movie. Tarantino has shown he not only has a fervid imagination but also the talent to control that imagination.

Not only the wise plot and the talented director that make Reservoir Dogs movie a star, its cast of splendid actors, all of whom contribute equally to the final effect, also plays a big role.

Reservoir Dogs

Besides being a huge success of Quentin Tarantino, the movie also marks the American debut of Andrzej Sekula, the Polish-born director of photography. Sekula’s work here is of an order to catapult him immediately into the front ranks. One of the principal reasons the film works so well is the sense of give-and-take that is possible only when two or more actors share the same image. Sekula and Tarantino have not been brainwashed by television movies. They don’t depend on close-ups that makes Reservoir Dogs movie takes a longer view.

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